Do You Have These 5 ‘Good Dance Class Student’ Qualities?

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Do You Have These 5 “Good Dance Class Student” Qualities?


Good teachers want good students, and certain qualities will accelerate your learning as well as the rapport you build with your instructor and the dance studio. On that note, here are some things teachers are looking for, and some things that good students do!


1. A good student will initially seek out a qualified dance studio with experienced teachers who can help meet their goals. This is how the real learning begins!



2. They focus during lessons, and apply corrections quickly, logging the feelings in the body then and  there. If you don’t pay attention to how a move “feels” when done correctly, it’s hard to get anywhere fast. You want to create a muscle memory and an acceptance of correct movements. The more you can focus, apply corrections, and log what’s done right and what’s wrong – keeping the good and stopping bad habits – the faster you can get ahead.



3. They practice outside of the lesson! This is a must to make timely and cost-effective progress. Practice before your next lesson and watch as you start to advance quicker  and easier within the lesson!


dance-3 Compress4. They ask questions. A teacher wants to know what you want help with, of course. Never be intimidated – a learning environment is about learning. You have to speak up when you have a specific question or something isn’t coming even though you try over and over again to get it right. A good teacher will see what you are doing wrong and be able to correct your alignment, timing, and more.



5. They refer friends and other students! A good student spreads positive energy by sharing the gift of dance with others. They also give credit where credit is due and demonstrate loyalty and respect to their teachers and their dance studio. This takes us back to tip number 1 because the right instructors will inspire you to tell others anyway. So, get out there and spread the word of your amazing new dance class, your dance studio and your progress!


The list could go on of course… dressing appropriately for lessons, arriving on time, etc., etc., but we’ll stop here with these five solid and simple tips. So to recap: Learn from the best that you can, focus, practice, ask questions, and turn others on to the gift that keeps on giving. Then you’ll be a good student – not only for yourself, but also in the eyes of those who teach you. And that rapport will likely accelerate your learning and continue to make your growth process more exciting, consistent, and enjoyable!


If learning to dance is fun and progressive for you, and teaching you to dance-2 Compressdance is fun and satisfying for your instructor – then it’s the ultimate win-win situation. So be a positive, forward-moving student every chance you can and apply these 5 qualities to your dancing as well as other activities or aspects of your life and you will reap the rewards!

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