Learn to Foxtrot


Experienced, friendly and professional dance instructors will teach you how to dance the Foxtrot in an easy to follow way. If you can walk, you can dance the foxtrot – one of the most popular ballroom dances in history! We will show you how to smoothly lead & follow your way around the dance floor, looking and feeling great. The foxtrot is a smooth, progressive dance characterized by long, continuous flowing movements across the dance floor. Call today to get started tonight!

  • Learn to dance the Foxtrot
  • Real Steps, Popular Patterns
  • Professional Instructors
  • Gain Confidence
  • Make Friends
  • Exciting Hobby

  • From Beginners to Advanced
  • Affordable Courses
  • Adult Classes 16 years+
  • No Partner Required
  • Social Environment
  • Get Fit & Have Fun

Steven Kelly International Dance Studios have taught thousands of people how to dance since 1964.


Foxtrot Dance Lessons Ballroom Adelaide Melbourne

Private Dance Lessons

Private Dance Lessons are tailored to your specific needs – making them the most efficient, and fastest way to learn how to dance! With private dance lessons, you will gain the best foundation and you will progress much faster than all other methods of learning. You can come as an individual (no partner required) or as a couple. Call us to book a free lesson today to get started tonight!


Foxtrot Dance Lessons Ballroom Adelaide Melbourne

Group Dance Classes

Group classes are a great way to go if you are after a more social atmosphere and would like to meet new people. Our group classes have set levels from Beginners to Advanced and the courses are structured to include a variety of set steps, combinations and patterns. For best results, we suggest starting with some private foxtrot dance lessons.