Hip Hop Classes


Hip Hop Dance Classes


Learn to dance Hip Hop! This popular dance style combines elements of various street dance styles, set into a choreographed routine. You will learn arm, leg, head and body movements combined with upper body isolations, rolls, contractions and some floor work. You will feel great and be able to dance from your very first class. Join the fun!

From beginners to advanced levels, we have hip hop classes to suit you. Steven Kelly International Dance Studios have taught thousands of people how to dance since 1964.

  • Learn to dance Hip Hop
  • Have Fun
  • Get Fit
  • Gain Confidence
  • Make Friends
  • Exciting Hobby

  • Popular Dance Moves
  • Affordable
  • All Ages 16+
  • Beginners to Advanced
  • Social Environment
  • Professional Instructors


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