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Steven Kelly Dance Studios offers a variety of adult dance classes for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced. We specialize in teaching adult beginners (ages 16 years+) so whether you want to learn Hip Hop Dance, Club Dancing, Dancehall or Breakdance you will find a course to suit your needs!

With so much on offer, come see why hip hop and other street styles are in popular demand all around the world! Our friendly and experienced instructors will teach you steps and patterns in an easy-to-follow way. Gain confidence on the dance floor, have fun, make friends and get ready to show off some cool new moves. All classes are based on a term enrollment so that students can really see results as well as enjoy the benefits of dancing.


Group Classes or Private Lessons?


Group Classes

  • Group dance classes in a fun, social studio
  • Learn steps, combinations and routines
  • Join on a per Term basis
  • From absolute beginners to advanced levels
  • Meet new people, be part of our dance family
  • Best for people who want to take classes just for fun or a hobby



Private Lessons

  • Private dance lessons, 1-on-1 lessons with your own dance instructor. Detailed info here
  • Great for accelerated learning and fast results
  • Perfect for ‘catch-up’ lessons if you’ve missed out part of the routine
  • Best for people who want step-by-step guidance and 100% personalised attention




How a Typical Class Runs:

1. Warm-Up

Classes start with a basic Warm-Up which is set to energizing and upbeat music, ranging from current hits to old-school favourites.

2. Dance / Technique Elements

Next, students are taught some dance Technique Elements which will be used as part of the routine later in the class. Each step is named, explained, taught and then practiced to music.

3. Routine /  Choreography

Students will then be taught a short routine set to the difficulty of the class. Depending which course students are enrolled in, routines may change every week, every fortnight or if preparing for a student showcase they will maintain one “main” choreography throughout the course while also learning different “short” routines each week or fortnight.

Routines are taught in an easy-to follow way and students will have the opportunity to repeat what they learn a number of times during class, in order to feel really confident and comfortable in their dancing.

Our teachers have years of experience both in the style of class they teach as well as the art of dance instruction itself. We use only the highest quality teaching methods which ensures that each and every student has a great time participating in our classes!

Looking for 1-on-1 learning?

Private dance lessons are also available for those wishing to accelerate their learning or who wish to specialize on a specific dance style / song. We have many students who choose to learn through private lessons when they want the best and fastest results possible. Many students also opt for private lessons when preparing for upcoming special events such as a weddings, competitions, birthday or other surprises, wedding proposals and more. For more info on private dance lessons, please click here.


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