Learn Salsa Dancing


Learn to dance the Salsa! Join our dance classes where friendly and experienced instructors will teach you the most popular and recognized salsa dance steps in an easy to follow way – all in our great studio atmosphere! The On1, LA salsa dance style has been sweeping the world for many years, making it a very popular dance style. It incorporate many turns, dips, drops and tricks which makes it a great dance to watch and to dance. 

  • Learn to dance the Salsa
  • Real Steps, Popular Patterns
  • Professional Instructors
  • Gain Confidence
  • Make Friends
  • Exciting Hobby

  • From Beginners to Advanced
  • Affordable Courses
  • Adult Classes 16 years+
  • No Partner Required
  • Social Environment
  • Get Fit & Have Fun

Steven Kelly International Dance Studios have taught thousands of people how to dance since 1964.


Salsa Dance Classes Adelaide & Melbourne

Private Lessons

Private dance lessons are tailored to your specific needs – making them the most efficient, and fastest way to learn how to dance. You will learn how to lead or follow, learn recognized social dance steps, combinations and patterns as well as technique, styling & tips. Salsa is one of the most popular Latin dance styles, so why not get a great foundation through private dance lessons. For individuals (no partner needed) as well as for couples. Click for info.


Salsa Dance Classes Adelaide & Melbourne

Salsa Classes

Group classes are a fun and lively way to learn Salsa dancing in a group atmosphere. The classes have set difficulty levels  from Beginners – Advanced. We suggest all students to start out with the Beginners course and progress from there. Each course goes through a variety of set steps, combinations and patterns for that class level. For the best outcome, we recommend to start or combine classes with private lessons.