Top 10 Health Benefits of Dancing

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The Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Dancing You Need To Know About!

From the thousands of activities you could be doing for your mind, body and soul, few hobbies come with as many health and lifestyle benefits as dancing. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, or if you are a complete beginner; there are so many different styles of dancing that there is sure to be one that will suit you!

So what are you waiting for?  Get down to a class and have some fun because here are the Top 10 Benefits of Dancing:

1- Top 10 Health Benefits of Dancing  Stay Forever Young

Great news! Dancing is tremendously beneficial in keeping you young. It slows the aging process immensely and benefits your heart, cardiovascular system and lung capacity.

Did you know? The muscle exertion and breathing rates of dancers performing in one dance competition is equivalent to those of cyclists, swimmers and an Olympic-level 800-meter runner.


2 Top 10 Health Benefits of Dancing  Strong Bones & Healthy Joints

Dance now and benefit for years to come! Dance aids in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis for men and women. Dancing can also help keep joints lubricated in order to prevent arthritis.


3 Top 10 Health Benefits of Dancing  Burn Calories & Lose Weight

Dancing is an amazing way to burn calories and lose (or regulate) weight. Thanks to your body’s need to produce energy quickly (which speeds up the fat burning process) dancing will help keep you trim and fit! You can burn as much as 5 to 10 calories per minute, depending on the style of dance and its’ speed and intensity. A fast paced Salsa class will burn more than a Slow Waltz. Want even higher intensity? Try Hip Hop or Rock-n-Roll! Dancing also boosts circulation and increases stamina.


4 Top 10 Health Benefits of Dancing  Reduces Stress

Dancing is a fantastic stress buster! You can literally lose yourself in dance, as the music and rhythms take you over. It’s a superb and fun way to work off all the stress of the day. You will feel much calmer and relaxed after attending your favourite dance class or going out dancing for the night.



5 Top 10 Health Benefits of Dancing  Builds Self-Confidence

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Most people would love to say ‘YES’ to dancing but they are either not sure that they can actually do it, or they lack the self-confidence to start. Don’t worry, you are not alone – many people might feel a bit shy or self-conscious when they first start learning, but the great thing is that everyone in that dance class is probably in the same boat! If you feel you really want to ‘get’ it fast, why not start with some private dance lessons to speed up the learning process. Once you get the hang of some steps (and taken a few tumbles along the way too) you will never feel self-conscious again!


6  Increases Muscle Strength

Dancing builds and tones your muscles in many different parts of your body. You don’t need to be throwing your partner over your head to benefit from dance either! Even the most graceful and gentle of dances will help to tone your body and keep you fit, while improving muscle strength and increasing flexibility.


7  Improves Memory

Dance is a great mental exercise for our brains! It improves our memory by making us recall steps, routines and dance patterns. The big benefit is that increased mental exercise keeps your mind young, quick, alert and open.


8  Make Friends & Strengthen Social Skills

Dancing is fun, recreational and entertaining! It creates a social life for us, while affording us the opportunity to make new friends – from all walks of life. Because dancing has no cultural barriers, the diverse interaction improves our health by expanding our mind and sharing our spirit.



top 10 health benefits of dancing9  Helps You To Be Happy

Dancing makes you feel good! It elevates our mood by raising our endorphin levels. This is what allows us to heal stress and depression – two of our immune system’s biggest enemies! Dancing improves the harmony between our mind and body, giving us a sense of well-being and above all else, it’s a lot of fun; there aren’t many things that are this much fun, and that do you good!



10  Stronger Personal Relationships

Married? Trouble with family? You and your significant other lost that spark? Dance is the answer. It helps you relate to others in a passionate, honest, and unique way that will not only re-kindle emotions, but also promote communication between you and your partner.


Stay happy and get dancing!

Why not try some of the following dance styles to get you started?

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